Our surgeons and staff are devoted to the delivery of the highest quality of urologic medical and surgical care.


University Urology, PC treats a broad spectrum of diseases that strip many people of their health and dignity.


University Urology, PC has convenient clinics in multiple locations.


Trusted Medical Office Offering Expert Urology Services in Knoxville

Problems with bladder control, erectile dysfunction and other urological disorders can be embarrassing, which is why University Urology, PC in Knoxville offers the utmost compassion alongside our experience and wisdom. We understand talking about these health concerns may be uncomfortable for you, but they are not for us. Our specialized practice is urology, and we staff multiple practitioners who can diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of urologic conditions without making you feel more uncomfortable than you already are. Problems with the urinary tract and prostate can be painful, and we have the latest diagnostic equipment in our facilities to find out what’s wrong. We will approach your care with a comprehensive treatment plan designed to tackle your condition and help you feel better physically and emotionally. We understand your discomfort, and we’re here to relieve it.

Speak With One of Our Urologists to Discuss Your Needs

We aren’t just a urologist who examines our patients during their office visits. We staff urologic surgeons who are experts in their field, so you can be certain we can treat you from diagnosis to resolution no matter your condition. We treat women and men specifically targeting the unique problems each gender faces.

University Urology, PC sees patients in Knoxville, Athens, Crossville, Halls, LaFollette, Lenoir City, New Tazewell, Sevierville and Turkey Creek. If you are looking to receive compassionate urologic treatment from the best doctors, please call us at 865-305-9254 to set up an appointment.

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